Thinking of Whitney Houston

May 242012

US Celebrity Blog is honoring her memory, asking what corrupted Whitney and what we can learn from her life.

In the aftermath of Whitney Houston’s unexpected death all media commemorates her life and career. Let’s not repeat the information that’s available everywhere else on US Celebrity Blog. A dramatic event such as a sudden death of a famous artist calls for a remembrance, respect AND reflection.

Whitney Houston was spectacularly beautiful, vibrantly alive and extra-ordinarily talented. She was a “good girl” from a traditional, church-going family. She worked hard, was an incredibly prolific artist, she was accomplished and successful.

Before meeting Bobby Brown, Whitney wasn’t a party girl. She wasn’t known for excessive drinking, drug use, sexual escapades or scandals. I didn’t know Whitney personally, to an outsider however it appears that meeting and marrying Bobby Brown have corrupted Whitney and damaged her limitless potential beyond repair. After all, the period of time that separates the image of the vibrant Whitney Houston belting out Star Spangled Banner from the ravaged, tired shadow of her former self (the way she appeared during her failed come-back attempt during which she was booed out off stage) is the time spent with Bobby and later, recovering from the relationship and its negative impact on her life. (Listen to Whitney Houston’s unforgettable rendition of our National Anthem, one more time!)

The Whitney Houston who didn’t “just” sing but expressed her beauty and life’s energy with her amazing voice (in an entirely different style but with the level of passion akin to Edith Piaf’s); The Whitney that was a role model for so many young girls; the Whitney who could have “reigned” the world, succumbed to a destructive company, stress, self-doubt, alcohol and drugs. No, I’m not trying to assign blame; of course, Whitney was responsible for her decisions. Still from the vantage point of a stranger, someone or something must have caused her to doubt her talent, beliefs and value. There is no other reason I can conceive of that could explain such a horrendous waste. Whitney struggled to recover from her demons and appeared to be succeeding. (At the time of this writing, the cause of her death hasn’t been released yet however the use of illegal drugs is not suspected.) I believe that regardless of the actual cause of death, years of drinking and drug abuse have contributed to Whitney’s demise.

Whitney’s shocking departure is a huge loss to her family, friends and fans. But it has also a profound and universal meaning.
Those of you who’re facing crossroads, think of Whitney and before settling for a compromise (or compromising your beliefs), honestly assess your value. Seek support of your family or friends before choosing to escape your troubles through substance abuse. Remember that you’re the one who puts the price tag on you and put the right price!
If there are young people in your life who aim too low, tell them about Whitney; explain to them that sky is the limit for those who’re willing to do the work, have healthy self-esteem and stay on the straight and narrow…

Honoring a star can take different forms. One could buy a CD, deliver flowers, send condolences, or… learn from a tragedy. You could tweet about Whitney’s death or strive to avoid her mistakes. Which one would be a better-fitting tribute? The choice is YOURS.

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