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Nov 172012

Overzealous paparazzi caused the death of Princess Diana. Many celebrities complain about being hounded by paparazzi and celebrity news reporters. One of the more famous episodes of harassment by paparazzi occurred when Alex Baldwin was picking his then-wife Kim Bassinger and their brand new baby Ireland from the hospital. More recently Jennifer Garner complained about paparazzi stocking her children. Paparazzi are in hot pursuit of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Pamela Anderson and others. MANY celebrities have been photographed without permission, slandered and even stocked.

Let’s ask three questions:

1/ Who is a celebrity?
A celebrity is a famous person often shown and mentioned by the media. It can be an actor, artist, singer, dancer or musician as well as a businessman or… a regular person who stood out of the crowd as a hero, high achiever, undiscovered talent, or a participant in a scandalous event or sometimes even crime.

2/ What makes famous people so interesting to us?
They represent success (fame and fortune) and we all want to be successful. They have achieved what most of us are striving for or survived something we ourselves are struggling with. Take for example:

  • The mother of Gabby Douglas – Olympic gold winner – had to contend with severe financial hardship and make many sacrifices to help her daughter pursue her Olympic dreams. Her sacrifices resulted in Olympic gold, pride and lucrative endorsements. Especially in today’s economy when so many are still losing their homes and are unable to find employment, the Douglas family’s tough road to success gives us hope.
  • David Hyde Pierce, Angie Dickinson and Maria Shriver and their personal connection to Alzheimer’s disease. Knowing about their experiences caring for / living with loved ones affected by the cruel disease gave heart to many under similar circumstances.
  • Jennifer Hudson’s spectacular weight loss inspired many to try and slim down.

There are MANY examples of celebrities overcoming major odds to assert themselves and succeed. Each is meaningful and inspiring.

Celebrities have the power to inspire us at many levels: they can give us motivation, encourage stick-to-itiveness, commitment to hard work, persistence in a pursuit of a goal, and on a light-hearted note, inspire fitness and fashion trends and hair styles we love to copy. There is nothing wrong with it.

3/ What are our rights AND theirs
As the saying goes “we have the right to know”. Being informed is one thing, but do we have the right to pry, intrude, exploit and feed on? Doesn’t EVERYBODY have the right to some privacy? The fact that we’re welcomed to see a new movie starring so-and-so or a concert of so-and-so doesn’t mean that we’re entitled to watch so-and-so in his or her bathroom or a bedroom. Performing in a movie or on stage is a job. Anyone’s bathroom or bedroom is – and should be – off-limits.

The latter is US Celebrity Blog’s point of view. There are countless celebrity blogs out there bent on spying and “uncovering” at any cost. We don’t believe in such approach. We don’t feed on car wrecks. We don’t believe in hunt and harassment. We don’t support destroying myths. We don’t work AGAINST celebrities but WITH them. The stars’ participation, input and comments are welcome here! Our approach has its benefits and the main ones are:

Preserving the stars’ privacy
The stars are human like the rest of us. They have their high and low moments; they make an occasional mistake or stumble; like all other human beings they have their weaknesses and vices. Exploiting yours in public would be unconscionable. Isn’t exploiting theirs exactly as bad?…. Shouldn’t the focus of our attention be on the body of a star’s work as opposed to on some star’s hemorrhoid surgery?

Writing with integrity
Look at it this way: it takes an artist to create a statue. Any moron can knock of a statue of its pedestal. BUT does it make the moron bigger than the artist? The same goes for a star’s image: it takes a lot to develop it and a second to trash it. Unlike those capitalizing on “the juice”, US Celebrity Blog doesn’t want to accelerate the global warming by contributing more trash.

Preserving myths we love
Public stripping of any celebrity is bound to expose some frailty. Once a frailty is out for all to see, no star could maintain its myth.
US Celebrity Blog is Fan AND Star-Friendly. Beliefs are empowering. Loss of faith is not. Who is a blogger to tell you that there is no Santa Claus?… Belief is a choice. US Celebrity Blog chooses to believe because life without a margin of possibility, hope and inspiration isn’t worth living.