Screen Actors Guild Awards

Feb 032017

2017 SAG Awards Patriots

The Screen Actors Guild Awards honored big screen and small screen actors for their professional excellence and showcased celebrity patriots speaking against the travel ban.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards honored big screen and small screen actors for their professional excellence and showcased true patriots speaking against the travel ban.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are always an occasion for big screen and small screen stars to shine. There is great company of fellow stars. There are glitzy outfits. There are winners. Yes, the 53rd Annual SAG Awards honored the most deserving stars, some of the winners are:

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
Denzel Washington, Fences

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role
Emma Stone, La La Land

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role
Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Viola Davis, Fences

53rd Annual SAG Life Achievement Award
Lily Tomlin

The full list of this year’s winners is available here.

But not even Hollywood’ award ceremonies are immune to current events and the most disturbing event of the moment was the “travel ban”. Our stars and celebrities made us proud to be Americans!

Simon Helberg, one of the stars of The Big Bang Theory held a sign “refugees welcome”.

Ashton Kutcher took to the stage to address Muslim travelers stranded at U.S. airports and said: “You are a part of the fabric of who we are, we welcome you, and we love you.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kerry Washington defended our intrinsically American sense of justice and freedom of religion. Kerry wore a safety pin as a symbol of her support. Julia Louis-Dreyfus said: “….this immigrant ban is a blemish, and it is un-American.”

The most dramatic speech of the evening? David Harbour‘s of Stranger Things!
“We are united in that we are all human beings, and we are all together on this horrible, painful, joyous, exciting and mysterious ride that is being alive”.

The most effective appeal? Sarah Paulson’s of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story who urged people to donate to the ACLU. On the weekend following her speech, the American Civil Liberties Union received 24 million dollars in donations (six times the usual amount!).


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Jan 082017

Viola Davis Gets A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Viola Davis’ tour de force performance – in a supporting role – in the film Doubt (2008) took movie audiences and the film industry by storm and resulted in her getting an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress nomination, Golden Globe and SAG nominations. The 2011 box-office hit The Help further cemented her position as an outstanding talent and brought her not only numerous award nominations (Academy Award for Best Actress, BAFTA and Golden Globe) but the prestigious SAG award.

The television drama How to Get Away with Murder gave Viola Davis the stage on which to showcase a fuller range of her talent. Her portrayal of the lawyer, Annalise Keating, led to not just nominations but awards. In 2015 she became the first black woman to win the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. In 2015 and 2016 she won Screen Actors Guild Awards for the role.

She’s currently amazing moviegoers as Rose Maxson (Denzel Washington character’s wife) in August Wilson’s drama “Fences” in a film produced by Washington. Her performance in the film takes acting on the big screen to another level: she is raw, multidimensional and profound.

This may be as good time as any to mention that Davis is a graduate of the famous Juilliard School and is as accomplished on stage as on screen. The role of Rose Maxson isn’t new to her, she played her before, in front of live audiences on Broadway. Her theatre performance earned a Tony Award in 2010. Her big screen performance is likely to earn her an Oscar.

Viola Davis isn’t a celebrity famous for being famous. She isn’t a starlet that’s risen to fame suddenly, only to fade soon after. Viola Davis built her career on a sound foundation of incredible talent, consistently high quality work, hard work and patience. She is here to stay.

During the ceremony for Viola Davis on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Chamber President and CEO, Leron Gubler and Walk of Fame producer, Ana Martinez helped the actress unveil her star.
It’s no coincidence that the greatest actress of our time, Meryl Streep (also a Walk Of Famer) spoke during the ceremony honoring Davis. Talent can’t be measured or compared. Streep and Davis are very different. Each has unconventional beauty and unparalleled depth as an artist. They are too different to ever be compared or in competition. But they have something in common, too: both, are extra-ordinary artists: each, a star in her own right.

Viola Davis is quoted as saying: “The happily ever after comes after you’ve done the work.” She’s certainly done much of hers.

Congratulations to Ms. Viola Davis on her Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, her professional and personal success. We are not only her fans but have plenty of respect for Ms. Davis as a person and a survivor.

Viola Davis’ star in the Motion Picture category (Star #2,596 on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame) is located in front of Marshalls Department Store at 7013 Hollywood Boulevard across the street from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

UPDATE: Viola Davis has been nominated for the 2017 Academy Award (Oscar) in the Supporting Actress category for her performance in “Fences”. With this nomination Viola Davis breaks a record as the first African American actress to have been nominated for an Oscar THREE times! (For the first time in 2009 for “Doubt” and then in 2012 for “The Help”.) The odds are in her favor and she certainly deserves it!


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