Miley Cyrus Returns To Stage

May 072014

Miley Cyrus Returns To StageMiley Cyrus declared that she’s the “poster child for good health”

At a London press conference ahead of her BANGERZ shows in Europe, Cyrus seemed more than ready to perform again.

She slammed tabloid rumors that she’d overdosed, explaining, “I took some sh*tty antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection, and I had a reaction.”
“I’m feeling good, I’m alive, so that’s f*cking awesome,” Cyrus told the press. “Look at me, I’m the poster child for good health.” She said, ”

I’ve been laying down for three weeks. I’m gonna go off — I’m like a star waiting to explode.”

Cyrus promised fans that she’s “better than ever.” “I’m gonna f*ck this place up,” announced the performer. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun. We’re gonna be, like, tops off, f*cking screaming.”(She got a head start on that before the show even began.)Cyrus declared, “You have no idea how ready I feel.”Here’s hoping she stays in good health as the tour kicks back into gear.