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May 232012

15 year old Oscar Kesh shares his thoughts on Justin Bieber and his accuser Mariah Yeater. Justin Bieber and Usher on US Celebrity Blog.

Millions of teenage girls can breathe a sigh of relief now that it seems that the Bieber’s baby scandal was nothing more than a false accusation. Mariah Yeater, a 20 year old woman from California, filed a lawsuit claiming that Justin Bieber is the father of her 4 month old son. Yeater went on to say that she was impregnated by Bieber during an encounter they had backstage, after his Oct. 25, 2010 concert at the Staples Center, in L.A. Bieber and his legal team have denied all the claims made by Yeater and, reportedly, Justin took a DNA test on Friday (11/18/2011), to prove Yeater’s accusations wrong. In what pretty much wraps this up, Yeater seems to be avoiding a DNA test for her baby. Also, she dropped her lawsuit. Bieber stated that he is going to sue Yeater for her false claims.

Justin Bieber was born in Stratford, Canada, to a single teen-mother. As a child, Bieber taught himself to play several instruments and sing. At the age of 12, Bieber entered a local talent competition called the Stratford Idol. He went in just to have fun, and left having won 2nd place. To share his performances in the talent show with his friends and family, he uploaded the videos to YouTube. The videos became popular and eventually attracted the attention of a talent agent, Scooter Braun. He flew the 13 year old Bieber to Atlanta to meet with Usher. The first words between the two future business partners were, as Bieber remembered, “Hey Usher, I love your songs, do you want me to sing you one?” Usher then said, “No little buddy, just come inside, it’s cold out.” In 2009, Bieber’s debut album, My World, was a major success, and is now Certified Platinum. He followed it up with his even more successful, 2x Platinum, album My World 2.0. And he’s just getting started. So far, it seems that Bieber has a very promising future.

Every young star growing up in the unforgiving limelight of Hollywood is exposed to potential scandals and controversies. This is Justin’s first one, and hopefully the last. It seems like Bieber’s career easily survived its first test, and it appears that his relationship with his fans, business partners, and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, will survive it unscathed as well.
Personally, I think that it was a really dirty thing for Yeater, basically an adult at 20 years old, to lie about her sexual encounter with the 17 year old Bieber. It could have destroyed his reputation, career, and future. I strongly support Justin Bieber’s plan to sue Mariah Yeater because I believe that it would discourage other opportunists from trying to besmear his name and sabotage his career. It must have taken not only talent, but hard work and strong character to achieve stardom and to have it all jeopardized by an imposter is simply disgusting. Just saying.

As a 15 year old, and also in the music / entertainment business, I can relate to what Bieber is going through. Having a lie threaten to wipe all my efforts away, would be really hard to deal with. I found that Usher’s word of advice to Bieber sums up exactly what I would tell him: “Stay strong. And know that all of this comes with the territory.”

Oscar Kesh

"Justin Bieber Baby Scandal" article was contributed by Oscar Kesh