Katherine Jenkins

Apr 112012

Welsh mezzo-soprano star is taking America by storm on Dancing with the Stars!

Beautiful, charming and quite a magical dancer, this blonde bombshell has many viewers of Dancing with Stars asking: who is Katherine Jenkins? Here s the answer!

She’s not just a dazzling dancer, but a spirited “brainiac” who studied Italian, German, French and Russian and graduated with honors
from the Royal Academy Of Music, University Of London.
Relatively little known in our neck of the woods, Katherine Jenkins is a major star in her native Wales (UK). She’s an award-winning mezzo-soprano who sings classical tunes, arias, hymns as well as pop songs and Britain’s all-time best-selling classical artist.
Her very first album (“Premiere”) was an instant hit and established Katherine as the only performer in music’s history to achieve and hold position #1, 2, 3, and 4 on classical albums’ charts at the same time! She’s also the first female artist to receive two consecutive Classical BRIT Awards.

Born in 1980 in Neath, Wales (UK), Katherine Jenkins lost her father to cancer when she was only 15. At 19 she successfully fought off a rapist. Following her stirring rendition of “We’ll Meet Again”, Katherine was declared “the new Forces’ Sweetheart”. The title inspired her to join in the tradition of entertaining British troops on the frontlines. On her first trip to Iraq (to Shanibah, the largest British base in Southern Iraq) on Christmas 2005, the helicopter carrying the singer was targeted by missiles. Luckily, the attack was deflected with anti-missile flares and the helicopter landed safely in Iraq. She went back to entertain troops stationed in Iraq several times since.

Among Katherine Jenkins’ career highlights are
o a 2004 six-album deal with Universal worth £1 million which was the highest amount paid for classical recording in UK’s history.
o a 2009 record-breaking $10 million (£5.8 million) recording contract with Warner Music
o in 2010 Katherine was a mentor and a judge on British ITV’s “Popstar to Operastar”.
o in 2012 Katherine Jenkins is taking America by storm as a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars”

Learn more about Katherine Jenkins on her Website.

UPDATE: Here’s a look at Katherine Jenkins in the aftermath of this season’s Dancing With The Stars, technically speaking Katherine didn’t win. Objectively speaking, she did because the three finalists (and I’d like to say even more that the last-standing three!) were all perfect. The final vote of the public wasn’t based on performance (all of the finalists were quite frankly amazing) but the popularity they’ve had in the US even before the show. Katherine Jenkins didn’t win the popularity contest but along with several other contestants she’s certainly distinguished herself as a magnificent dancer who will be remembered long after the show!