Jon Bon Jovi Humanizes Celebrity

May 232012

Jon Bon Jovi Humanizes Celebrity.Jon Bon Jovi Humanizes Celebrity

According to BBC, Bon Jovi’s “The Circle” show was the highest-earning tour of 2010 and took in $201.1 million in sales worldwide.

Top-earning tours of 2010 in earning order:
#1 Bon Jovi grossed $201.1 million (80 shows)
#2 Australian rock band AC/DC totaled $177 million in sales (40 shows)
#3 U2 totaled $160.9 million in sales (32 shows)
#4 Lady Gaga earned $133.6 million in sales (138 shows)
with Metallica, Michael Buble, Walking with Dinosaurs, Paul McCartney, Eagles and Roger Waters grossing slightly less.

Bon Jovi rockers are going strong for twenty years and clearly can still rock the house like no other rock band:

Jon Bon Jovi Humanizes Celebrity

Jon Bon Jovi’s record company, Island Records enjoys publicizing statistics of his career: Jon has given 2,500 performances in front of more than 32 million people, in more than 50 countries, and – last, but not least – sold over a 100 million albums. No one’s life however can be described in numbers alone and neither can be the life of Jon Bon Jovi.

Born to a couple of ex-marines, John Bongiovi was committed to becoming a rock star since the ripe age of 13. He didn’t stop at wishful thinking and started performing at local bars at 16, singing on stage with Bruce Springsteen.

Jon Bon Jovi’s first hit (created in 1980) was “Runaway” which became better known in 1983. He followed it with a single “She Don’t Know Me”. By April 1985 Bon Jovi (with its current lineup of musicians) released the album 7800 Fahrenheit which featured “Only Lonely” and “Silent Night”. Still, it was just the beginning. Bon Jovi had yet to vow a fan base and performing as opening act at tours of established bands such as Scorpions, Kiss and Judas Priest certainly helped Bon Jovi connect with the audience.

The big breakthrough came with “Slippery When Wet”, the band’s third album. Thanks to songs like “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Wanted Dead or Alive”, the album broke records within six weeks of its release selling seven million copies by April 1987. Bon Jovi has “suddenly” become hot and has been honored by People’s Choice Awards as Band Of The Year. They won also American Music Award and MTV’s Best Performance Award for the video “Livin’ on a Prayer”.
Bon Jovi’s next album “New Jersey” delivered five top-ten singles. An exhausting 18 months long tour followed which ended in a massive burnout which resulted in a two-year hiatus……….

The career of the band and its lead singer was not all smooth sailing, still both have proven themselves survivors with a staying power. There  was Jon’s hit “Blaze of Glory”, his stints as a film and TV actor, and perhaps most surprising “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” that made Jon and Bon Jovi the first rock band in history to hit number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs’ chart.

Memorable hits like Born To Be My Baby, Lay Your Hands On Me, Dry County, Bad Medicine, Blood On Blood, Never Say Goodbye and Shot Through The Heart cemented Jon’s and Bon Jovi’s position not only on the American but the international music scene. The passionate “It’s My Life” is a statement that reverberates with any audience.

From his blue-collar beginnings to the top of the world, Jon Bon Jovi managed to stay true to his convictions: he’s married for over two decades to his high school sweetheart (and a father of three); is known for supporting Democrats and contributing to worthwhile causes. (Jon Bon Jovi maintains a long-standing relationship with Habitat for Humanity; contributed a cool one million dollars to New Orleans’ reconstruction, and most recently rehabilitated 15 homes in Philadelphia, using his position to establish Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation.) Talented rocker? Absolutely. Just as importantly however a notable human being.