Jun 072017

Congrats To The Clooneys

On June the 6th (Tuesday) George Clooney (movie and TV star) and his beautiful wife Amal (international law and human rights attorney) welcomed twins. The babies were born without complications and are healthy. The celebrity parents have a baby son and a baby daughter and named them Alexander and Ella, respectively. Refreshingly, the A-list celebrity babies have normal names! The grandparents are over the moon following the Clooney twins arrival…..

The “official” announcement:

George and Amal married in 2014 in Venice. Both are happy and excited over the new arrivals. Chances are they’ll have an incredible experience as parents. As for the babies, they sure are lucky little Geminis. Why? Because mature people are the best parents. With George being 56 and Amal 39, they’ll be dream parents!

Congratulations to the new parents and warm welcomes to the Clooney twins!



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