Duchess of Cambridge

Aug 202012
The Duke of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cambridge

The Duke of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cambridge

The first part of this story spoke of Kate Middleton – that’s Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, to you – and the royal romance. The second, focuses on the likely origins of the young couple’s priorities.

To an outsider, it appears that William proudly carries his mother’s legacy.
Princess Diana, affectionately referred to as the People’s Princess, favored integrity above formality, was compassionate, warm, caring and yes, modest. She supported several charitable causes focused on children, the homeless and the sick. (She was the first royal to publicly embrace an AIDS patient.) As much as she could, she enjoyed life’s simple pleasures. Even though her children where quite young at the time of her tragic death, it appears that she successfully passed many of her values to both, William and Harry.

  • The brothers established The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry (in 2009). It is centered on “helping young people in society; raising awareness and support for servicemen and women; and developing sustainable models of living in the light of climate change and dwindling natural resources.” (Quoted from The Official Website of British Monarchy)
  • Like his mother before him, Prince William is a Patron of Centrepoint, United Kingdom’s leading charity for the homeless.
  • Prince William is also a Patron of the Tusk Trust, African charitable organization which strives to preserve African wildlife and create a peaceful coexistence between natural environment and people through education.
  • Diana, Princess of Wales was the President of the Royal Marsden Hospital. Prince William spent several days there helping in several departments and consequently, he became President of the Royal Marsden Hospital in 2007.

FYI: Prince William who serves as a search and rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force – and has been promoted to a captain in June – led the rescue team which saved two teenage girls from drowning off the coast of Anglesey on 17th of August 2012. (Not “just” a prince but a hero?)

Based on what we’ve seen so far, neither William nor Kate stand for pomp and circumstance. Given a choice, they opt for a modest lifestyle. Together, William and Kate actively support charitable causes.

The young royals are aware of the difficult economic situation outside of the palace’s walls and are careful not to offend people with excessive consumerism. Scarred by his mother’s experience with the paparazzi, Prince William is very protective of Kate.

The Duke of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cambridge are currently waiting for their new home (a two bedroom apartment in Kensington Palace, once occupied by Princess Diana) to be renovated. William grew up in Kensington Palace. The couple won’t have the entirety of the palace at their disposal, only the apartment; the rest of the lavish residence is a museum open to the public. You can take – or at least view – a tour of the palace that houses Prince William and Kate’s future residence, below.

Kate’s been undergoing an evolution of her own and is coming through with shining colors. She’s eloquent, charming and warm. Obviously, the media cares less about a person’s character than her outer appearance and many made comparisons between Kate’s and Princess Diana’s sense of style. We see little similarity.
As much as Princess Diana wore mostly the best – and costly – designer wardrobe, Kate’s known for wearing the same outfit and / or item of clothing more than once. Even though she splurges on occasion, many of her fashion choices are suitable for girls on a budget. With that said: she’s beautiful, has a perfect figure and a sense of style. (It’s not what you wear but how you wear it!) Kate’s style is positively exquisite but by no means a take off on Diana’s. The Duchess of Cambridge has some of the grace of Jackie Kennedy Onassis; the simple elegance of Mrs. Obama, but that’s where the comparisons end. Kate has a young, vivacious style that suits her personality and she dresses appropriately for every occasion. Kate’s a trend-setter in her own right.

Kate Middleton’s Style:

This much for a lighthearted chatter however Prince William and his bride are the future King and Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and the future of the British monarchy. As much as there can be no doubt that they’ll respect the institution of monarchy and its traditions, we anticipate that once they ascend the throne, the future king and queen may choose to be less pampered; more approachable, attentive and attuned to the concerns of the day and their subjects than their predecessors. There will likely be less snobbery and formality, more progress and hopefully, compassion. If they continue to follow in Princess Diana’s footsteps, they’ll be not only an asset to the UK but contribute to Lady Di’s legacy.