May 242012

Her death was caused by drowning (likely due to heart disease and drug use). But did she HAVE TO die?

Heavenly talented, spectacularly beautiful, in her prime, much loved by her family, her daughter, friends and legions of fans and… dead. Why?!

The official autopsy results are in. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office issued Whitney Houston’s official cause of death, ruling it an accidental drowning. The drowning has been attributed to atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use. Even though no cocaine was present in Whitney’s bathroom, it was found in her system. There are some speculations suggesting that the scene of Whitney Houston’s death has been “cleaned up” before an ambulance was summoned.

Years of drug abuse have seriously damaged her heart, not just her powerful, crystal-clear voice. Worse, she didn’t clean up her act as so many believed. She continued using cocaine up to the end which undoubtedly sped up her death.
To me personally – especially in the video of Whitney’s rendition of the national anthem – she’s the symbol of life. Her joy, energy, the sparkle in her eyes, her smile that could brighten a stadium are as memorable as her voice. To accept that all that succumbed to a drug addiction is next to impossible.

The mystery of Whitney Houston’s passing might be solved; many questions however continue to linger.

– who supplied the drugs?
– who knew that she’s still addicted?
– why no action was taken to help her deal with addiction?
– who were the secret enablers? (They’re always there and always immune from prosecution!)

Finally, a drug-related death of a celebrity makes a regular person wonder what are the chances of combating drug addiction without the money, fame and support celebrities have. If so many of the rich and famous succumb to drugs, unable to ever beat the habit, can a “regular mortal” succeed?

Whitney Houston is gone. The mystery of her death has been solved. The disbelief, if not outrage over her untimely passing will have us perplexed us for a long time.

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