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Feb 102017

Priyanka Chopra The Artist and Human Being

Priyanka Chopra who is a huge movie star in her native India is now taking Hollywood by storm. Both men and women are swooning over her remarkable beauty. Her dreamy eyes, luscious lips, magnificent hair and flawless complexion have us all in a spell. She’s gorgeous, athletic (performs her own stunts!) and yes, she can act, too!

One might be tempted to say, that Priyanka is an overnight sensation. It isn’t true. It took 15 years of hard work before Hollywood took notice of her talent and beauty. But to understand someone as a person takes more than just looking at them. We all have a history and a context, so does Priyanka Chopra.

She was born on July 18th 1982 to middle-class parents in her native India. Her father was a physician in the Indian Army and her mother is also a medical doctor. Priyanka studied in India and in the U.S. She became involved in several important social causes early on. Her focus early on was literacy, education, health and poverty relief.

Her “regular” life was interrupted when relatives registered her for the Miss India beauty pageant which she won. Shortly after, in 2002 she became Miss World. The win was followed by acting offers. So instead of following her chosen career path, she considered becoming an aeronautical engineer, a software engineer or a criminal psychologist, she became an actress.



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